OBS (pre-recorded video)

Open Broadcaster Software is open-source software for streaming and recording computer screens. The program is supported on Windows 7, macOS 10.10, Ubuntu 14.04 and later operating systems.

Download the OBS link here: https://obsproject.com

When downloaded and installed, open the software. Leve the first box ticked and go next.

In the next step, either you can leave it as it is, or select as follows if you want to stay on the safer side. 30fps requires less computer performance and less high speed internet than 60 (fps = frame per second)

Set as follows. The link in "servers" window is the link provided by Siesta Cloud that you can find 3hrs or less before the beginning of the event, described at How to stream

Stream key is always "default" (In all apps)

The auto-configuration wizard will now run. When that's done, "Apply settings"

To open your media file, click on + in "sources" window and then select "media files"

In the next step just click on "OK". in the step after click on "Browse" and find the file that you want to stream and again click on "OK"

The video will now start playing automatically, to pause it, click on the little eye symbol and that will stop it. (...Yes, it is pretty lame..)

To start it again (from the beginning), you have to click on the symbol again.

Now it is possible that there are two audio sources: the media's audio and your computer's microphone. If that's the case and you do not wish to be commenting on what you are streaming, make sure to mute the second audio source.

You're all set! When the time comes, click on "Start Streaming". We recommend first hitting start and then launching your video by clicking on the eye symbol. Since you are not recording, you can enjoy watching your own show on the portal! :)

Don't forget that you also have to "start streaming" on Siesta Cloud (before starting the stream at OBS), see How to stream

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