How to stream

Please, choose your preferred way of recording. Once your software is ready, let's proceed further.

How to record

You can connect your streaming device with our portal from 3 hours before the event starts. In your service go to sales and then edit the event you will be streaming.

The Streaming button will only be active 3 hours or less before the beginning of the event.

After clicking on "Vytvorit vysilani" you will see this ingest url link which you have to copy & paste in your streaming software (StreamLabs / GoPro / OBS etc.).

This step is later described at How to record

Press Start Streaming

This links the data flow to your streaming portal.

To send the data in you have to press record in your streaming software.

Important: your streaming will only be seen on our portal at the exact time the event is set to start - no worries if you start streaming & recording few minutes in advance, just wait until the exact starting time or have the streaming portal open on another device / window to see when your stream gets activated.

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