Recording camera

Click the button + in the Feeds section to open a menu of available feeds for your broadcast.

If you want to broadcast the image from the camera (whether external or integrated webcam), add the Screen Recorder.

In the next window choose Create new and name your device for better clarity.

Press OK to add the source.

In the next window, select your desired device (camera, webcam or EpocCam) and press OK.

Screen capture

You can also record a running application on your device. Usually it is, for example, DJ software.

To add a feed again, click +, and then click Window Capture.

In the next step we choose the option to create a new one and name the resource. Confirm with OK.

In the next window choose which application or window you want to scan. If you can't find your app in the list, select Show empty title windows. Confirm with OK.

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