How to set up a stream

We recommend using settings you have already tried for streaming.

However, if you haven't already aired, we have a few recommendations that can help with stream quality.

To set up your stream, go to Settings.

Continue to Output. Here are some settings that can somehow affect the resulting stream quality.

  • Video Bitrate - The higher the Bitrate, the higher the video quality. This means higher connectivity and computing power for your device. More powerful machines with a high-quality Internet connection can handle values ​​of about 6-8 thousand Kbps, weaker machines with a worse connection around a thousand or less.

  • Encoder - for weaker notebooks, we recommend using the Software Encoder. If you have a laptop or PC with a powerful graphics card, you can try using a hardware encoder.

  • Bitrate of sound - again the higher the bitrate, the higher the sound quality and the higher the demands on the device. We do not recommend using values ​​below 128.

Another setting is in the Picture section.

  • Basic and output resolutions - we recommend setting both resolutions to the same value. Again, the higher the resolution, the higher the video quality and the higher the computing power of the device.

  • Scaling filter - The recommended setting is Bicubic.

  • FPS Values ​​- The higher the number, the higher the quality and the higher equipment requirements. The recommended setting is around 30.

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