Mobile phone

Download the StreamLabs mobile app on Google Play or the App Store.

To access the settings menu, click the menu icon in the upper left corner.

Click Settings to access the settings.

In the settings, select Streaming Platform and in the next window Custom RTMP Server.

When you click on this option, another window will appear. This is where you paste the ingest link that you generated for this event in Siesta Cloud. The password / key is "default"

Settings (optional)

In Mobile StreamLabs, we can adjust the video and audio settings.

The picture settings can be found in the Broadcast section.

Here we can set:

  • Output Resolution - the higher the resolution, the higher the demands on the device and the connection speed.

  • Expected Framerate - the number of frames per second, the more frames, the higher the demands on the device and the connection speed.

  • Max Video Bitrate - maximum video bitrate, recommended value is around 2000.

The audio is set in the Audio section.

We recommend adjusting the sound setting for the music performance as high as possible.


To start broadcasting, click on the red icon on the main screen. Make sure you have set your streaming at Siesta Cloud.

Important: your streaming will only be seen on our portal at the exact time the event is set to start - no worries if you start streaming & recording few minutes in advance, just wait until the exact starting time or have the streaming portal open on another device / window to see when your stream gets activated.

Connect an external audio source

You can connect an external microphone to increase audio quality of your stream. There are plenty affordable mics that you can plug in your phone. If you are aiming to hold professional classes or seminars, you might want to consider this. A different kind of audio source can be plugged in as well - for DJs / musicians, you can plug in an output of your musical instrument or DJ controller.

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