Add the event

Here you will use the event template you have created in the last step and make it live. In services go to Sales and click Add event.

Click on Service item and select your workshop from the list (if you do a periodical event, you only have to repeat this step.)

Fill in all the details: the time of your event (0-24:00) Unless you want to limit the amount of tickets available, let "is unlimited" switch enabled.

There are 4 payment possibilities: Paid: fixed fee Free: no charge Voluntary donation: people can pay for the stream (you set the minimum donation price), but can also access it without paying Paid donation: minimal fee is required to access the stream, but people can also pay more.

Leave "enable instant booking" selected.

Now choose one of the three options:

Event: You offer tickets for an event without video streaming.

Video: You will be uploading an already recorded video which will be played automatically on our portal.

Live Stream: You will be streaming live or streaming a pre-recorded video live on our portal.

If your video is 360° virtual reality pleas select "Is360Video"

If you decide to upload an already recorded video, drop your file in the here.

Congratulations :) Your event is already visible on our live portal.

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