The Rates tab can be found in the service detail and is linked to the Conditions tab. It is used to manage current rates/conditions and create new ones for the given service. The Terms and conditions determine the deposit and refund.

Rates determine the cost of service items.


Use the Add Rate button next to the search box to create a new rate.

Optionally, you can add a condition.

The Not Available To field specifies the number of days from the start of the reservation when it will be possible to book. E.g. if the value is 7 and I will book 1.7. to 14.7. or this rate available. If I made a reservation 10.7. rate will be available.

Being virtual means that the rate will use the default rate values created when creating the service item. Therefore, you need to select this rate using the Select button with a magnifying glass to display the rate. Use the Select button to select the default rate or rate to which the new rate should refer.

Next, select the service items to which the rate will apply.

All you have to do is enter how much the new rate will differ from the default rate.

Click Save all to confirm.

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