The Sale tab can be found in the service detail. Displays the occupancy data and allows you to change it.

At the top of the page is the rate service, about rates more in rates and terms. sazby a podmínky.

There is also a calendar where the availability of all items of the service is displayed. Color code is used for signaling. The calendar shows the availability (the number of given service items currently available for reservation), the price, and the minimum number of nights required to book.

The above-mentioned dates can be changed directly in the calendar. To change price/availability, click in the number field and change the value. Click in the availability field to close / open the service item for that day.

To make it easier to change multiple items at once, the Bulk Change button is on the right.

To the right, select which service items will apply the changes. In the Filter window, select dates and change the price, status, availability, and minimum nights in the following windows.

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