The guests’ tab is located in the service item detail. View guest information and set the capacity for different types of guests for a given service.

The General section contains editable information about the minimum/maximum number of guests and the default number of guests.

The Configuration section contains information about the kind of guests. Here you can specify the range of ages and their minimum/maximum when using the service.

The Conditions section contains information about which rules apply to the calculation of the price according to the type of guest.

Click the Create New Policy button to create a new condition.

Guest Pricing Policy

Deviation of guests

Value type



number != 0

+ / - / + % / -% / =



The deviation is set for each missing person or extra person, that is, for example, if 1 additional adult wants to use the service, the GuestDivergence value must be set to 1 with any value type and adult guest type. For example, if 2 adults want to use the service and there is no pricing policy for this divergence, the price will not change.

If the number of guests is less than or equal to the Default Guests, each guest is counted as an adult.

The price modifier is calculated from the base price. This means that if there are multiple calculated pricing policies, they are added (or subtracted) from the base price. FI there is an explicit pricing policy for a certain amount, the base price of the service item is adjusted.

For example, if there is an extra adult, the price will increase by 30%. The guest type will be adults, the deviation will be 1, the value type will be “+%” and the value will be 30.

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