The Terms tab can be found in the service detail and is linked to the Rates tab. It is used to manage current rates/conditions and create new rates / conditions for the given service. The terms and conditions determine the deposit and refund. rates determine the cost of service items.

We start by creating a condition that we later add to the rate. Creating a condition is not mandatory for setting a rate.


Use the Add Condition button next to the search box to create a new condition.

Fill in the Internal Name under which the condition will be displayed in the Conditions tab.

Select a type

The type can be Max, Min and Sum and determines how the advance payment is calculated. If you have more backup conditions then max - selects the highest, min - lowest and sum - sums all.

The advance payment condition determines the amount of the advance. the options are percentage, fixed price and most expensive unit.

The refund policy determines how many days prior to arrival the reservation can be canceled and how much money will be refunded.

Click Save to create the condition.

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