Set up the photos you want to appear with you service.

Service images are basically divided into Service Master Image and Other Service Images. The main image is only one active and it is displayed in the service preview on the portal, in emails and so on.

Other images of the service are images that appear on the portals in the details of the service.

Upload new images

Upload images by moving them from the folder to the grey box Click here or drag to upload.

Editing image details

Double-click on the image to open the edit dialogue.


The name is describing the image, improvising SEO pages.


You can set image names for each portal different and in different languages.

You can deactivate an image so that you do not have to delete it directly with the On switch.

Deleting images

Below each photo is a Delete image link. This is followed by a confirmation dialogue and the photo will be deleted forever if agreed.

Change pictures order

To change the order of the images, hold the mouse on the image and drag it to the desired position.

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