Winding Tree

To connect to the Winding Tree, you will need an Ethereum account with less ETH. For operation with Ethereum accounts, we recommend the Metamask browser plugin.

Create an Ethereum account

  1. Install the Metamask plugin from

  2. If you no longer have a wallet, select Create Wallet

  3. Create a wallet password

  4. You will generate a secret sequence of words that will generate your wallet. Be sure to save it carefully, as anyone who knows the sequence should have access to the wallet.

  5. Confirm your secret sequence. You now have a Ethere wallet with one account (you can generate as many as you like).

  6. You will need a smaller amount of Etherea to register for the Winding Tree, and 0.1 ETH should be enough. Send it to your account address. We recommend using reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, such as

To register your service in the Winding Tree, select your service in the Siesta Cloud and go to the Connection tab.

  1. Click Add new connection

  2. Select the Winding Tree module

  3. Enter your Ethereum account private key. You can get it in the Metamask plugin menu by clicking the export private key

  4. When you click to create an account, there will be a delay, which may take a few minutes. this is because the contract is being written to the Ethereum blockchain and the transaction must be confirmed in order to go through.

Congratulations, your property is now connected to the Winding Tree!

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