Siesta Extranet

If you offer a service in Siesta Cloud and manage it in the Siesta Extranet, you can use this link to ensure that sales and availability information is reflected on both systems.

Siesta Extranet and Siesta Cloud share a so-called API key in the form of GUID that is used to authorize all requests from one party to another.

The user first activates the Siesta cloud module in the SE and lets the SE generated an API key. This key is then delivered to the SC during connection creation. When the configuration is complete, the SC starts initialization and all data is sent from SE to the SC.

Siesta Extranet

Go to the Extranet page Data, Applications tab and click on the desired hotel.

Open the Modules tab and select SIESTA_CLOUD from the All Modules list. This will copy it to the application modules and save.

Go to Applications Modules and click Siesta Cloud and click Generate API. Copy the API key, you will need it and save it.

Siesta Cloud

Go to the detail of the service you want to connect, Open the Connection tab and click Add New Module - the Add New Module Wizard will appear.

  • Select Siesta Extranet from the drop-down menu and click Next Step.

  • Enter the API key (generated in Siesta Extranet), check both boxes and click Test Connection.

  • Siesta Cloud checks whether the API key is valid and if so, enables the Next Step button. Click on it.

  • Link the SC Service Items and SE Room Types when you are finished, click Finish.

  • Initialization starts automatically when the wizard is finished. This may take some time. Upon completion, a notification is displayed.

Chcete-li zkontrolovat úspěšnost inicializace, podívejte se na záložku Prodej v SC, porovnejte ji s kalendářem nebo prodejem v SE. Také se ujistěte, že prodejní mřížka nastavená jako pouze pro čtení.

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