The user profile is your personal profile. This profile can be assigned to multiple organizations and may have different permissions for each. You can read permissions in the Authorization section.

Manage User Profile

On the Profile page, you can manage your profile and its basic settings as:

  • Changing the password

  • Change the profile picture

  • Change the contact information and other profile data

Organization management

In Siesta cloud, we use Organizations to simplify rights management and account management.

Create an organization

You can create organization(s) on the profile page by clicking the + button in the section to the left. You can read more about organizations in the Organizations section.

When you create an organization, you are authorized by the owner of the organization. majitel organizace.

Switching between organizations

You can be in multiple organizations with your profile. If you have more, switch between them in the top bar. Click the arrow next to the organization name and select another organization you want to manage at the moment.

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