Facebook Chat

If you want to add Facebook chat to the page and give the customer the opportunity to contact you immediately a few steps are needed.

  1. After logging into your Facebook account, select the page to which the chat is to be assigned. If you don’t have on, select manage pages and create a new one (see figure 1).

  2. After opening the upper page interface, click on the settings in the top right, select messenger platform from the left menu, scroll down and add your portal address in the Domains added to whitelist field. For example, https://shop-se-psy.com.. Save. (see figure 2).

  3. Scroll down on the same page and click on set in the customer chat plugin section (see figure 3.).

  4. You will go through the interactive chat settings that will be displayed. (colours, auto greetings, etc.).

  5. In the last step add the domain of your portal, in the right side of the window (javascript code) scroll all the way down and write down the code between quotation marks page_id = “THIS_RESWITCH” (see figure 4.).

  6. Now login to the admin environment admin.siesta.cloud, select the detail of the portal, the bookmark of the page, the detail of the age where you want to display the Facebook chat, and on the detail of the page click on the settings. Here, turn on Facebook chat and enter your page_id code (see figure 5.).

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