This is how users’ permissions work.

One user on Siesta Cloud can be in multiple organizations and each has a different role. As a result, the user does not have to log out and login if he is in charge of multiple products.



Can edit everything.

Organization Manager

I can edit everything, but it cannot set itself as the Owner or Administrator of an organization.

It cannot in any way edit the Owner and Administrator accounts except its own.

User Manager

Can manage users below Owner and Organization levels.

It can invite users to the organization and assign them all roles below the Organization and Owner levels.

Service Manager

Can manage description and photos of services and service items.

Portal Manager

Portal Manager can manage portal description and photos.

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager can change the payout methods and has access to finance information.

Price Manager

The Price Manager can edit prices for services and service items.

Reservation manager

It has access to reservations in the Reservation section and in the service details.

The Reservation Manager can edit and perform all reservation-related actions

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